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Looking for a particular collection? Here are the latest Faby Lacquer collections


  • Faby POSH

    Posh provides a sophisticated touch to the urban look, with a cool colour palette that stands out and a uniqueness that accentuates the spirit and personality of those who pay attention to detail, are aware of beauty and can make bold choices. Find the best casino list by onlinecasinokiwi website! Captivating nail polish you can wear with ease to express your charm.

  • JOY Collection

    Faby "JOY" starts from the very essence of Life, from the small things that fill our days, from happy feelings connected to colours. The same tonalities from which the deepest emotional meanings arise, finding expression in the rituals embedded in each of our actions.

  • Classics

    'Italian Couture on your nails". Choose from over 80 Faby laquer shades to suite your style.

  • Faby Nature

    The Faby Nature Collection is inspired from the natural world around us. The Lacquers are made of 87% 
    natural ingredients. derived from wood pulp, cotton, maize, cassava and other raw vegetable materials.

  • Illusion

    Faby Illusion, draws us in like a conjurer to a world of illusions, with its colours that play the starring
    role in using actions and colours to conjure up and create magical effects full of skill and mastery. The
    four natural dimensions are subverted and nuances take on new shapes.

  • Future

    Decisive, mysterious, elusive, the protagonist of the Future Faby collection is the woman from the future. A step ahead of the others as someone with true vision, the woman of the Future seduces with a magnetic
    beauty created from lurex and neoprene. She is streamlined and attracts with minimal elegance of details
    with a strong character, clothes with defined lines and technical fabrics.
    And just for her Faby Future. 

  • Man

    FABY reinvents style and pushes the boundaries of modern fashion and individualism, 
    creating a lacquer range for him.

  • Karim Rashid
  • Music

    With its shades, Faby Music collection expresses the correspondence that deeply affected the Russian painter Kandinsky: the harmony between sound and colour.
    In Songs and Ballads, in the rarefied notes of a melody, in the rhythm of summer nights, Faby imagines the emotions that vibrate in the music, and chooses the colours that are in harmony with those notes and those feelings. Soft colours with refined shades for gentle crystal sounds, bright and vivid brush strokes for the most sparkling music, while deep notes and rock rhythms are represented by the darker and stronger ones.
    12 nail lacuqers that remind the sound of 4 musical genres, ready to set fire to next spring/summer with colour, always featuring Faby excellent application properties and extraordinary durability.

  • I'M FABY

    Faby’s essence emerges in the new Spring Summer 2017 collection I’M FABY. Fashion, design and art immersed into new shades from the latest trends. This is Faby's soul, the lady of colour, capable to dare!

    In line with on trend colours of the seasons fashion shows with vibrant hints, such as Caribbean green and lobster, with more soft and playful tones such as pink, light lavender.

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